Drain pump - Drain Minor C RTSDMC30SL - Carriage & VAT included

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DRAINMINOR C units have been designed to pump waste water from a combination oven, dish / glasswasher, commercial sink / basin or any situation where waste water needs to be collected and pumped to the drainage system. They have been specially constructed to handle hot water up to 60°C, or even higher temperatures for short periods, and can deal with up to 10mm solids. An important feature of the unit is its high head pumping capability enables it to handle difficult, awkward or long discharge pipe runs 5 metres vertically, 50 metres horizontally or a combination of both.

The pump is fitted with a Silicon Carbide mechanical shaft seal, oil chamber and shaft seal ring. This provides super protection and long life for the pump when pumping hot waters and diluted chemicals particularly when compared with a standard pump with a diaphragm shaft seal. The pump is also fitted with a self-venting port ensuring potential air locking from the turbulent discharge cleaning wastewater is always prevented.

The New DrainMinor C Combi Oven pump is the perfect solution for kitchen designers and users to ensure reliability and ease of use during light, medium or heavy Combi Oven cleaning cycles.