Drain pump - Drain Minor RTS30SL - Carriage & VAT included

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DRAIN MINOR RTS30SL has been designed to pump waste water from a combination ovens where waste water needs to be collected and pumped to the drainage system. It has been specially constructed to handle hot water up to 90 °C for short periods, and can deal with up to 10mm Solids.

Works with up to two Rational Table model units XS,61 or 101 G/N size ovens

  • Easy to Install – Easy to Own
  • Compact, Quiet and Powerful.
  • Activated carbon filter, incorporated into the lid.
  • Difficult or awkward runs – no problem.
  • Corrosive chemical resistant ‘SL’ option.
  • High water level alarm available.
  • 10mm solids handling.
  • Pumps 5m head or 50m horizontally.
  • 32mm discharge pipe work
  • Casing colour may vary
  • Express delivery